Barat Samachar: The most popular Indian dishes that tourists love

Barat Samachar: The most popular Indian dishes that tourists love

When visiting a new country for the first time, you can tell a lot about their culture depending on their food. The local cuisine is something that has been around for thousands of years, and you get to bear witness to it. 

Always take the time to explore the area and try the different dishes. This is not just limited to the food being served in hotels or restaurants. You can take it even further and try the dishes being served in markets and street stalls. 

In fact, some people say that the street food in India is incomparable to most restaurants. To help you decide, check out this list of the best Indian dishes you need to try:

Remember that there are many types of curry available in India. It’s not just one dish you can try that will sum up the cultural phenomenon that is Indian curry. You have different kinds of sauces and ingredients plus various methods of cooking. Curry is widespread because it is made with Indian spices that are deliciously spicy, flavourful and aromatic. 

Some of the most popular curry dishes include Korma, Butter Chicken, Madras, and Roghan Josh. These vary in colour and are made by boiling curry powder along with various ingredients, proteins and veggies. These are usually best paired with rice or a form of bread like roti or naan. One bite of this delicious curry and you’ll be introduced to the best that India has to offer. 

Every culture has its own version of fried rice, and biryani is India’s version. This dish originated in Persia and was brought to India. Made with basmati rice grains, cardamom, nutmeg, oil, and various veggies. You also get to choose which protein to eat with the dish. The most popular options are mutton and chicken, and these flavours are enough to complete the dish. No further sauces are involved. 

Saag Paneer
For the vegetarians out there, you can try some delicious Indian Saag Paneer. This is a type of curry made with spinach, broccoli, and coconut milk. What pulls this dish together are the spices included and the special paneer cheese added on top. This melts halfway while cooking and makes for an excellent combination. Saag Paneer is best enjoyed with some roti or naan, but you can also eat it with rice. 

This is another popular Indian dish that you need to try. You may have the chance to try it in Indian restaurants back home, but nothing beats the original. Samosas are a type of street food that is a deep-fried pastry filled with healthy ingredients. The ingredients in the filling include ground lamb or beef, some onions, peas and potatoes. Plus, you can also order a vegetarian version of this dish!